Focus and Scope

ISTIFHAM is a leading peer-reviewed and open-access journal, which publishes scholarly works of researchers and scholars from around the world, and specializes in Islamic Studies.

ISTIFHAM focuses on publishing high-quality scientific articles that emphasize contemporary issues in the fields of Islamic studies with an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

This journal seeks to publish articles that deal with Islamic Education, Islamic Law, Islamic economics, Islamic Communication, and Islamic Thought issues. Its scope consists of the following:

  1. Islamic Education (Pesantren Education, Curriculum, Evaluation, Educational Technology, Teaching and Learning, Philosophy of Islamic Education, Education Policy, Islamic Education and Social Transformation, Islamic Education and Science, Educational Management, Basic Education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education, Special Education, and Educational Research Methods)
  2. Islamic Law (positive legal and Islamic law studies with special reference to socio-legal activities, legal politics, human rights, terrorism issues, criminal, civil, international relations and the doctrine of both positive law/Islamic law);
  3. Islamic Economics (Islamic Public Economics, Islamic Monetary Economics, Islamic Business Economics, Islamic International Economics, and Islamic Development Economics and Tourism)
  4. Islamic Communication (Islamic communication science, media, Da'wah, broadcasting and journalism, communication/media and social changes, community development, Islam and public relations, Islam and political communication, Islam and organizational communication, Islam and business communication and Digital/virtual/online religion).
  5. Islamic Thought (Specializes in Usul al-Din which concern Quran and Hadith, Religious, and Islamic Philosophy studies)